All Lives Together

In nature all living things work together to make a healthy planet and healthy food.

Grow different types of plants mixed together so that pests have a tougher time finding your food plants.

Encourage creatures like insects and birds to help you with pollination, pest control and other jobs by planting flowers they like and letting them have a small part of your harvest.

Mix long lived plants like herbs, native bushes and flowers in with your food plants. They will shelter and feed your vegies, and make your other plants healthier.

Animals like chickens, sheep or guinea pigs can help you by weeding, mowing, giving your garden manure, or getting rid of pests for you.

Always treat animals with respect, and care for their needs.

Use mixed and companion planting to create a system where each plant contributes to the health of your soil, garden and other plants.

Plants can shade and keep others cool in summer and protect from frost in winter.

Flowers attract bees and other helpful insects.

Think about the effect animals have on the garden.

Chickens eat plants, but they also poop fertiliser and eat bugs.

Animals and people walk around and make paths.