Garden Where You See

Walk in your garden and notice where you would like plants and where they would be of most use.

Plant things you will use a lot, like berries and herbs, in the area closest to your house.

Useful plants can give shade and protection from wind, as well as food.

If you have more land, plant bigger trees and things that you won’t use as often in an area (zone) further from your house.

Plan and then plant around where you walk to create zones of frequently needed plants closer to the house and less frequently used ones further away.

Use visual energy to create a space that brings joy as well as food bounty from your garden with minimal effort.

As you walk think about what you like. Something to snack on? Some shade or shelter from the wind? Something soft to stand on?

Gardening takes time, especially trees. Every time you walk and see your garden you can think about how it may grow.

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In permaculture design this is referred to as Zone design