Use Weeds to Help

Weeds are just plants you didn't put there. They are still living and they have shown that they know how to live in your garden.

Cut them down where they are and they can make good mulch.

Some weeds are just plants you don't know and once you do you want them there. They might be food or have beautiful flowers, help other plants or be medicine.

As mentioned in soil always cover the soil with something, mulch or plant densely so weeds don't have anywhere to grow.

Weeds can be your garden friends!

Weeds have a bad name but they are just nature’s tough plants and they do some important jobs.

Chop weeds down and let them compost on the ground to make healthy soil

Learn which weeds are good for food. Some are tastier and more nutritious than most vegies we grow, but make sure someone identifies them properly for you.

Weeds are great at holding together dry or dusty soil that would blow or wash away without them.

Some weeds can shelter your plants and attract helpful animals to your garden.