Make Soil Like the Forest

A forest mulches itself deeply and constantly with leaf debris and other plant and animal matter to feed and insulate plants and create endless new nutrient rich soil.

Soil creates life, and forests are really good at creating healthy soil.

Healthy soil is made by mulch from leaves, dead plants, animal manure and other natural debris being broken down.

Living things like worms, microscopic bacteria and fungi break mulch down so that living plants can use the nutrients again in an endless cycle of life.

Keep a deep layer of mulch on your garden to keep making healthy soil.

Deep mulch insulates soil to keep in moisture and nutrients.

Soil is alive, and its health is the basis of plant and then human health as we consume plants.

Plants get their nutrients from soil, so feed it with mulch and compost to make sure it is a healthy place for plants to grow.

Avoid using pesticides and artificial fertilisers because these can damage your soil and garden health.

Your health depends on the soil being healthy because you eat the nutrients that plants take from it.

Living nutrient rich food comes from living nutrient rich soil.

Always keep soil covered with plants or mulch, otherwise nature will fill the empty space with weeds to protect it.

Soil can even get sunburnt! Once it dries and all the living parts of the soil dies it can blow away. It's hard to garden without soil.